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28 Apr 2020 09:55:58
Anyone that likes strategy games Total War: Shogun 2 is being given away for free on Steam at the moment. If you do like strategy games then you will love it I am sure. It is one of the best strategy games.



19 Jun 2019 19:37:22
Top 10 Strategy Games

I have always loved a good strategy game, sometimes even a not-so-good one! Even as long ago as when I had a Spectrum 48k (yes they really did only have 48kb memory!) strategy games were always up there as my chosen games. The only problem is, if you are a console gamer, the number of good strategy games to choose from is extremely limited, you really need a PC. There are so many on PC that I have barely scratched the surface in terms of playing them, but these are my top 10 that I have tried:

10. Northgard

A real-time strategy (RTS) game based on Vikings. This is one is better as a multiplayer, though you can play solo, it is nothing like as good to play. I do believe that, if I had played more than a quick couple of games on it, that it would likely move up a place or two in the list.

9. Men Of War Series

It is almost a simulation in a lot of respects, so much detail has gone into it and it has spawned a number of sequels set in various time periods. The original World War II game is still the best version of this RTS though, in my opinion. Extremely details and tries to stick faithfully to real world at the time.

8. Gary Grigsby's War In The East Series

An epic turn-based WWII game that takes strategy to a whole new level. It is not something you can just pick up and play. It is incredibly complicated and difficult, so it is not for everyone. If you find all other strategy games lack depth and difficulty, then this is the game for you. There are follow ups to try as well, such as War In The West, but the first one is the definitive one.

7. Crusader Kings Series

Paradox Games have established themselves as one of the best houses for making strategy games out there. Not only have their games improved over time, but they also continually improve them for years after their release. I guess this is best described as an RTS, though you can alter the speed of gameplay to give you time to perform actions when needed or speed up to miss out boring bits while you wait for a character to grow to a useful age. The first iteration is very simple (comparatively) and a good way to get into Paradox Games, because they are not simple pick up and play games. They do take a bit of learning to understand exactly how they work and they are not games you can play in 10 minutes. But then no good strategy game is quick! Crusader Kings II is the one to play, though it will take some time to really get the hang of.

6. Warhammer 40K: Dawn Of War

I want to make it clear right from the start, I am only referring to Dawn Of War, not the two sequels which are nowhere near as good. Avoid the sequels and stick to this one, it is a very decent RTS. It does lack a little in terms of you can only play as Space Marines and the opposing forces are not as varied as I would have liked, but it is an absorbing game which could easily see you lose hours on.

5. Galactic Civilization III

The 3rd in the series is clearly the best version, with no lack of variety in the spaceships you can deploy, as you can even make your own designs if you so choose. It is very much based on Sid Meier's Civ series but in space, but without taking into account the extra dimension available to the play. Your map is a flat surface, which does leave it a little lacking but easier to follow. An enjoyable turn-based game.

4. Hearts Of Iron Series

Another of the Paradox strategies that test you, but this one is set in WWII when you can take control of any nation from the time and lead it during the war. Like all Paradox titles, you can use politics, diplomacy and warfare to achieve your vision but it is complex and requires real skill and it is often helpful to have knowledge of the time as well. They call their games 'Grand Strategy' and I think that is a very good description, as they encompass aspects most other games forget about or avoid.

3. Panzer Corps

A remake and update of the classic Panzer General turn-based game that I played to death on the original Playstation. Often a new version misses what made the original so good, but this one has genuinely improved on the original by a significant amount. It is nothing like as complicated as the other WW2 games in this list, but no less fun for that. A classic of the genre of turn-based hex-tiled games.

2. Sid Meier's Civilization Series

I really cannot decide which version of this game is the best, I have been a fan since the original one was recommended to me many years ago. I think it was on the Amiga, if I remember correctly. It has become the basis of so many games and yet, somehow, they keep bringing a new, fresh version out every few years which provides a different gaming experience, while still keeping the original feel to it. I can happily pick up and play any version of the game and while away hours without noticing.

1. Total War Series

This series takes the title because it has a mix of turn-based strategy and RTS all in one package, though the RTS is entirely optional and you can just play it as a turn-based game if you choose. However the RTS elements, which are just the battles, as so good it would be a shame not to play them. I have yet to play all of the versions but, of those I have played, Warhammer and Shogun are my favourites and stand out as amongst the best games ever made, in my opinion.

1.) 20 Jun 2019 16:19:24
Some really big name games missing from that list! Command and Conquer, Warcraft, Supreme Commander, Sins of a Solar Empire and Starcraft to name a few.

Also, Ed Dawn of War has 4 available factions, with the Orcs being the strongest of the lot. If you are strictly referring to the campaign then fair enough, but I personally would rank the expansion "Dark Crusade" above DoW, as it offers a much stronger campaign(you can play as all factions), as well as including new troops and vehicles, while also adding the mighty undead Necrons, as well as the technologically superior Tau Empire.

Just my opinion of course, it'd be very boring if we all had the same opinions.

{Ed001's Note - there is a lot missing and yes I meant the campaign.}

2.) 23 Jun 2019 22:39:01
I can't believe I forgot about Company of Heroes, that's a bloody fantastic game. And even 13 years after its release, the graphics still hold up pretty well.



Sporting Villains Part 1: Spain's Paralympic Basketball Team 2000

20 Sep 2018 16:22:28
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Sporting Villains Part 1: Spain's Paralympic Basketball Team 2000

Possibly, probably even, the biggest sporting scandal of all time begins our new Sporting Villains series.



27 Jan 2018 17:34:02
Monster Hunter World, any good? Anyone tried it yet? I am tempted by it but I have never played a Monster Hunter title before so not sure if they are worth trying.

1.) 27 Jan 2018 22:51:51
Yeah, it’s really really great. I’ve only played one for a few days before on the psp so I’m pretty much going in blind as well. Though there is an excellent single player, there is quite the emphasis on co op multiplayer and it is absolute fantastic co op altogether. There is a shed load of things to know and a little daunting but from what I heard there are experienced players happy to show newcomers the ropes. Most reviewers are hailing this as game of the year already which is brave in January. To be honest, if this looks interesting to you ed1, you will like it.

2.) 29 Jan 2018 21:04:00
It’s probably easier to name it game of the year after a month lol. Joking aside I’ve heard it’s good and it’s going to Jump the Q on the next up list

3.) 30 Jan 2018 08:26:16
Haha fair point. Well, it’s eased my pubg cravings by scratching an entirely new itch. Whenever you get a chance, enjoy

{Ed001's Note - and let us know if it is any good, as I am still undecided on whether to get it or not.}

4.) 30 Jan 2018 11:09:08
My word ain’t good enough eh ed? Haha just kidding,a few years back, I made a bit of a career in an Irish company predicting how well some (console) games would perform in the market and advising strategies for different releases each quarter. Sounds far more exotic than it actually was but I got a couple awards, early access to games and game events so for a while I was living the life. It was a great job but games became more than simple enjoyment. Suddenly every bleedin release became a stressful weekly event( kind of like watching Liverpool hold onto a two goal lead). When you are banking on mini ninjas being a total dud (and it was) you need to start learning to enjoy yourself again. I still hold an interest in the industry but it’s nicer just chatting to mates about what I think will blow everyone away without any pressure. Apart from their mocking of course once they follow my advice and go out and buy a cracker like no mans sky. I’d just like to add that I in no way ever endorsed no mans sky regardless of what my mates say 😂😂😂

{Ed001's Note - sorry I misread your post as you had only played a previous one and were talking about that one. My fault completely. Old age that is. As for No Mans Sky, I am still not sure whether I enjoyed that or not. I got it for my best mate, as he likes games like that and needed things to play that took up a lot of time with him being unable to go anywhere due to his cancer. I did have a quick play on it when he first got it and enjoyed it but it didn't attract me to go and buy it for myself.}

5.) 30 Jan 2018 12:33:15
Ah don’t worry about it at all ed. Was totally taking the piss. It was a brilliant concept and a wonderful way to wile away countless hours. My friend put in about a weeks play in game time. He couldn’t tell me why except he just loved the freedom. I’m sure your friend really enjoyed it when it was needed. There have been a few updates since and it’s come on leaps and bounds and costs next to nothing. There’s also a way to check out friends worlds. I’m even considering it myself.

{Ed001's Note - it was because I saw it cheap I was wondering about getting it. It is one of those games you play and suddenly look up and realise you have spent 4 hours doing nothing in. Which is what put me off to be honest, as I don't have the spare time I once had. Plus I have Civ VI for really getting stuck into and I am almost addicted to it. I can take a turn then edit away merrily while the comp players take their turns and go back when I have a spare moment. Suits my time constraints.}

6.) 01 Feb 2018 08:24:37
I’ve wasted days upon days on civ and enjoyed every conquering moment. Haven’t played the most recent civ because yeah, any chance of getting any work done while playing that game is almost impossible. It’s up there with banned games like football manager and stardew valley. I love them so much I don’t allow myself to play them anymore. I think no mans sky could be put in the next time your under the weather and in need of a couple days peace and distraction. I imagine now that the window has shut you might finally get some rest.

{Ed001's Note - you would imagine, but sadly imagination is all it is! Once the window shuts it is over to working on articles.}

7.) 04 Feb 2018 12:34:26
I thought all the articles over jan were particularly good ed.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. Really glad you enjoyed them.}

8.) 04 Feb 2018 13:41:26
I do enjoy them ed. It’s rare to see unbiased and objective articles in this day and age in journalism.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate. Though I am sure there is some unconscious bias in there, I do try and avoid it.}

9.) 04 Feb 2018 14:50:33
There’s bias and then there’s opinion. The whole dynamics of football from a fans perspective thrives of a bit of bias but most journalists do it to grind some sort of opinion or agenda

{Ed001's Note - I do like to give an opinion if I have the time, or just give the opposite side, even if it is not actually my opinion, just to give people something to think about before they make up their minds.}

10.) 04 Feb 2018 15:52:35
I do like how you see football ed. I love watching it and love watching great players. That’s why I’m so happy ozil signed he’s very good to watch and people often get blunted if he doesn’t assist in a game and we get beat. Almost every time the ball is under his control he doesn’t make a mistake. Fabregas was similar in that respect.

{Ed001's Note - I love watching Ozil play, I have never understood the criticism he gets. I think it is because the commentators always act surprised when he chases back and constantly say he doesn't do it, even though he does it regularly.}



25 Sep 2017 06:49:13
Anybody recommend any new games? I know most of you are probably waiting for the new FIFA though!

I have been trying the new F1 game, it is defo not for the casual driving gamer, it is very much a full-on sim game. I just wish I had more time to just sit and play it, though I would probably lose a few days to it if I did!

1.) 25 Sep 2017 19:01:56
I'm looking forward to assassin's Creed Ed. Also pre ordered the new cod. The last one was the first on I didn't bother buying since modern warfare 1. Wasn't into the spacey thing, running on walls etc but since this one is set in ww1, I'm looking forward to trying it out

{Ed007's Note - I can't wait for the new AC either but I'm also looking forward to The Evil Within 2 and the PS4 version of L.A. Noire. As for COD I'll wait until it's being sold pre-owned, I've not been that impressed with any of them to get excited about the newest one.}

2.) 27 Sep 2017 13:28:06
I played the FIFA 18 demo on Origin, didn't like it as it felt clunky and heavy.

How is the career mode on F1 2017 Ed? As in 2016 you were on able to have a maximum of 25 upgrades in 10 seasons.

{Ed001's Note - it looks like you can do a lot more, if you fulfil the requirements to get an upgrade. However I have barely played it to be honest. I just don't get time and when I do have time there is usually someone busily slaughtering millions on COD on there!}




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12 Jan 2018 08:46:58
Sorry I clicked submit before I had finished then. I mean to ask if there is anything recent you could recommend to me, as the only recent games I have are COD: WW2 (which I actually like to be honest, surprisingly as I have never enjoyed the previous CODs I played) and Gran Turismo Sport and F1 2017 (neither of which I play much because it is so much messing setting the wheel up. I need to get a proper chair to use for the wheel as I don't have a proper place to fit it and the floor is slippy so the pedals end up slipping away when I try to brake!).



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20 Jun 2017 16:53:36
Steam boxes haven't failed mate, they are growing slowly. I really wouldn't write them off completely just yet.



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04 Jun 2017 10:25:18
Having played a bit more, it is a very slow learning curve in the campaign, I think this game must be all about the multiplayer. It does get hectic and you have to be glued to it and lost in it to get the most out of it. Because of that, it is not for me as I just do not have the time to dedicate to it, sadly. Shame because I enjoyed the little I got to try.



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21 Feb 2016 08:08:07
Just checked and today is the last day of the beta.



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25 Dec 2015 08:29:36
I never had any problems with mine Whitey, what platform are you on?




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