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16 Nov 2020 12:47:03
Codemasters has been bought by Take-Two.

This means that any game released by Codemasters will now be 'pay to win', so we can expect to have to pay extra for the better F1 teams, etc.

What a great day to be a gamer.

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16 Nov 2020 16:46:37
Yip such a shame I’ve really enjoyed the codemasters racing games but now they will be microtransaction city,just like ea’s need for speed franchise

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11 Nov 2020 07:09:30
I haven't got one but a mate has and I have to say the series x is WOW.

Massive difference.

I would love one if I could get my hands on one. Plenty on ebay but no way I'm paying 800 -1000 quid.

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11 Nov 2020 14:02:44
Yeah I got mine yesterday ,really impressed by it,cant believe how silent it is

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11 Oct 2020 16:57:35
Anyone on the Xbox

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19 Sep 2020 09:10:49
Football Manager 2020 is free on the Epic Store until the 24th of September.

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18 Sep 2020 03:21:07
the new final fantasy looks amazing tbh. i'm a big fan of ff7 and the remake was great too, especially if your a fan of the original.

ff16 looks like they're combining the battle system of ff7 into a medieval setting of ff. always loved medieval games since skyrim.

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07 Sep 2020 16:21:43
Just flicking through some retro games site and does anyone remember marble madness on the Nintendo had some good fun on that.

{Ed001's Note - I have never had a Nintendo, other than the daughter's Wii.}

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07 Sep 2020 19:39:48
Yeah I had a wii too, mind you I think the only console I haven’t owned is the saga Dreamcast.

Anyway back to the Wii I think that was Nintendo’s worse release. You haven’t lived Ed if you haven’t had a go on Mario kart

{Ed001's Note - I have played that, boring as hell sorry. Dreadful game. It is like things like FIFA, only good for playing with a bunch of mates for a laugh as it has no value as a game in of itself for me.}

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10 Sep 2020 16:04:25
Never actually understood the purpose of Nintendo's consoles post N64. It's like they want to be 3 different things, a fitness centre, a childs toy and a gameboy.

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12 Aug 2020 08:15:38
Anyone play sea of thieves Xbox

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20 Jul 2020 23:15:47
Bought Ghost of Tsushima off Playstation store for around £37, if anyone wants to know how I will provide a response detailing how. Just thought I'd say that so far it is absolutely brilliant. Bare in mind this is around 5 hours in. Reminds me very much of the experience of playing The Witcher 3 for the first time except with a much better combat system. Would highly recommend.

{Ed001's Note - is it an RPG then?}

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22 Jul 2020 01:24:48
Yes it is Ed001. Similar quest system to games such as Witcher and more recently AC Origins/Odyssey. Albeit with better combat, graphics and story compared to AC. Wonderful soundtrack also with two composers, you can tell believe me. Very enjoyable (after more playtime today) and just discovered duels that are very similar to old Samurai movies from 60's, 70's and 80's.

{Ed001's Note - that sounds like my kind of game, I looked at it and it didn't suggest it was an RPG. Have to be honest, I find Assassin's Creed games to be terrible to play so I am glad it is better than them.}

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22 Jul 2020 11:42:50
Id like to know how please mate.

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24 Jul 2020 12:07:36
TheDarkKnight. It involves firstly creating an account that is set up in one of the 10 US states that does not have sales tax, so for example Orego or Alaska. I recommend for the future also setting up a canadian PSN account(as their sales are much cheaper than UK, got Days Gone for £12 when it was £35 on UK store). After this you should then buy US Credit for PSN store. The site I used, called GAMIVO, was selling $20 for around £13 with a sale on that would then take a further 10% off. Which meant you buy 3× $20 with the price working out at around £35-37. Add those codes onto your US PSN account and simply buy the game from your wallet for $60 which you've paid £35-37 for. Job Done. Remember to set your home PS4 onto your main account. Then you can play the game on your main account whilst having bought it on another. Hope that's helpful. Other websites such as CDKeys, G2A and Eneba also sell the currency. Any questions feel free to reply to this.

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25 Jul 2020 08:57:32
Nice one mate, going to look into that. Every little helps. Especially if you buy a few. Thanks

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25 Jul 2020 11:44:52
No problem mate, enjoy!

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23 Jun 2020 23:05:20
Command and Conquer remaster.

So this came out in May and I thought I'd give it a little time before bringing it up. Mainly because I was so hyped for it that my opinion and review' would have been bias.

The one thing to know about a remastered game, is that it's meant to just be a clone with upgraded graphics. However, that means that the plethora of bugs and issues that was in the original game, are also in the remaster...

The pathfinding of the AI is just, stupid.
As you can see from this screenshot, the AI has no clue what social distancing is...

Also, when large armies are moving, it causes the game's texture loading script to completely collapse. This means your input is delayed by as much as 90 SECONDS. This is totally game breaking and means you can be defeated without even challenging your enemies army...

Also there was a big balancing issue in the single player campaign for some reason, Mission 8A on Tiberian Dawn and 12C on Red Alert were actually impossible to complete lol.

Thankfully they released a patch yesterday which fixed most of the issues, but some still persist.
I think the game is heading in the right direction, but there is a way to go yet.

For £17.99 you could buy much worse.

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20 Jun 2020 07:29:25
the PS5 looks set to be rather large as compared to the previous versions and against its competitor, the xbox series x.

are we seeing a return to a superior console or atleast somewhat close to pc performance? i know the specs have been released but some times the specs alone aren't enough. i'm guessing the size is also due to the cooling needed for the high end parts. would like to hear some opinions!

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23 Jun 2020 22:50:00
Maybe. But don't expect it to last long lol. PC's are always upgrading, optimising and setting new records.

You may need to look on youtube at some of the enthusaist builds, they are comparable to super computers some of them lol.

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25 Jun 2020 00:27:42
sure PCs are better but games like fifa are far superior on console. anyway were talking about the ps5 here, as its common knowledge pcs are superior when u combine with high end components.

havent found much time to be on my pc lately but i'm going to have to build a new one soon. mines already 6 years old haha.

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27 Jun 2020 22:19:18
Actually there may be a complete change to online PC gaming in the next few years, as there are some services that will allow you to play high end games on low end PC's. Services such as 'Nvidia GeForce Now' and 'Google Stadia' are growing their list of available games and the technology is improving monthly.

This will negate the need to buy an expensive hardware just to play the latest games. Could be interesting, especially if it's made available to console too.

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28 Jun 2020 11:59:07
i think were far away from that though. at least at a global scale. those that u mentioned haven't really had a successful launch and imo it only suits couch gaming.

any other game (especially online) that even remotely leads to latency issues, will not be a good option to play on stadia. that will be its downfall until the world is equipped with good internet. i'm from Malaysia, with 300mbps internet (pretty decent for home use where i'm from) but also consider that most games don't run their server where i am. itll probably be singapore/hong kong and that affects us alot.

'share screening' as from stadia would multiply the input delays. good idea, but maybe the world is not ready for it yet.

{Ed001's Note - even with good internet there will always be a delay, so they will only ever be any good for casual gamers. Hardcore competitive gamers will always need their own rig to run. The issue with the PS5 will be the price I expect.}

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28 Jun 2020 17:21:37
agreed Tris, i think that's why they went with an additional option without the blue ray player. it is absolutely to make bank on the psstore.

i suspect they would rather take a loss on the console to sell higher volume, as those who purchase the cheaper model, will be spending their money on the psstore to get games. brilliant decision if u ask me, console lasts for years and they'll make more money that way in the long run.

{Ed001's Note - I have never understood why they never went down that route a long time ago.}

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20 May 2020 14:05:58
I wonder if Sports Interactive(SI) will add the virus of 2020 to their next Football Manager game.

I know it seems a silly thing to wonder, but SI are known for including real world events in their game. Things like failed drugs tests, brexit etc, have all been included in their games.

If they include it, I wonder how it will work. A couple of leagues have decided to void their seasons and a couple have ended them early and announced league winners. So will this work on a chance percentage or will it stick with what happened in reality and have some leagues end early and some postpone until a later date?

What do you think?

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28 Apr 2020 09:55:58
Anyone that likes strategy games Total War: Shogun 2 is being given away for free on Steam at the moment. If you do like strategy games then you will love it I am sure. It is one of the best strategy games.

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12 Apr 2020 15:45:38
My most enjoyable time with gaming was with the Commodore Amiga. I'd play such a variety of games, now it's just the same games year in year out. They are great games nowadays but many lack the gameplay of yesteryear. What's everyone else's?

{Ed001's Note - The Division 2 is certainly relevant at the moment.... I do agree though, games have become just about what is popular and easy to make. Nothing different or interesting really.}

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12 Apr 2020 18:00:21
Gaming is like clam hunting. You'll come across loads of empty shells, but once in a while, there is a brilliant pearl hidden amongst it all.

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16 Apr 2020 20:45:22
Definitely right!! I find the really interesting games generally come from indie developers. Games like Firewatch and Abzu for example

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09 Apr 2020 18:15:28
Has anyone been playing the closed Beta of Riot-Games FPS title Valorant?
A lot of people are claiming this is going to be the cement boots to Counter-Strike.

You can definitely see the Counter-Strike influence as well as their own League of Legends graphics and ability mechanics. Will certainly be interesting to see how this turns out.

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16 Apr 2020 20:47:48
Doubt I'll get a beta key, looks sick tbf, if the abilities aren't too central to winning rounds I think it could be a decent contender to CS, where all others have failed.

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27 Mar 2020 20:48:21
Something just occurred to me when typing on the United page, surely if esports are ever going to become mainstream it’s now. It can be done virtually, whilst social distancing, and has no competition from sport as it’s all on the back burner.

Also seen today that they are going to run a virtual national be interesting to see how it’s received. Apparently red rum and tiger roll are going up against each other.

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31 Mar 2020 00:50:29
To be fair I think gaming in general has been progressively getting bigger ever since about 2008, but the professional eSports has been in decline or plateaued. It had it's peak back in about 2013/14 when League of Legends had that $25 million prize tournament.

Since then, streaming really caught on which has more or less put professional gaming on the back shelf. Players like Summit1g and Shroud bailed on professional gaming because it's more profitable to stream.

Plus there is the CSGO market place. Where people sell pixels(gun skins) for money, all because they have a unique pattern or whatever. You can make quite a huge profit on there if you know how to trade and when to buy/sell.

I think if you're talking purely about gaming then yes, this time in lockdown will give it a massive boost, which will likely lead to more people sticking around on it.

Professional eSports may get a slight boost, but it's pretty much just seen as a stepping stone to making it big on streaming.

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03 Apr 2020 19:40:02
THanks HSF, I’ll be honest I’d much prefer to watch the real thing but thanks for the insight into the industry.

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