17 Oct 2018 10:34:57
just managed to get myself into division 3.

im a decent player, not a great one, but the new division rivals is currently more competitive than the weekend league. the weekday games used to be relaxing, some tough games here and there but some fun games here and there too. i was never really worried about the results as the division would just refresh itself after 10 games (of after winning the title/getting relegated), and u get rewarded after that even when u get relegated.

i welcome the idea of division rivals, but removal of other 'fun' modes has really reduced my playing time. atleast tournaments should still be there, don't know why we nothing other than division rivals as an online mode outside of weekend league.

thoughts on this anyone?

1.) 19 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018 13:25:32
I got relegated to division 5 every team i play has a Ronaldo or Mbappe, i wantto smash my controller to bits most weeks

2.) 19 Oct 2018
19 Oct 2018 21:15:29
Can’t get out of division 5 myself. Don’t have the team to compete in fut champs either. My team is improving but very slowly