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09 Mar 2019 16:32:07
Seems quiet here. Anyways started with red dead redemption 2 a couple of weeks back and can easily see it cracking my top 10 games of all time.

Wasn’t a big fan of gta 5 and went into rdr 2 thinking the same. The terrible shooting mechanics is carried over from gta 5 but everything else is just magnificent. Also the most immersive game i have ever played with so much attention to detail and the best voice acting as well.

Please don’t fast travel in this game as you can stumble upon some amazing encounters on your way. Truly set a standard on how to develop an open world rpg and hope more developers learn from them.

{Ed007's Note - RDR2 should be classed as a work of art 👍 and it's easily the best PS4 game I've played.}

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12 Mar 2019 22:26:03
Agreed absolutely loved rdr2 ,didn’t even bother trying the online tho

{Ed007's Note - I've done the first bit before you go into the open world but never went back to it after the lad across the road said it was brutal.}

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12 Mar 2019 22:43:48
Yeah Ed m8 I never liked rdr1 or gta online so I never bothered

{Ed007's Note - I couldn't get my head round GTA5 online at all, my Mrs liked all the crazy races but apart from that I never managed to do anything in it.}

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09 Feb 2019 23:58:20
Anyone seen this new Early Access game on Steam called SkaterXL?
It's literally bare bones at the minute, with only 1 map which is pretty empty, however the modding community have really taken to this game.

If anyone is a skater or used to skate, I would highly recommend this game, as it's not only realistic, but the community are really, really involved.

This video is about 2 days after release on the basic default map. If you want to see some of the excellent modded maps, just check out the rest of Nightspeeds videos on youtube. =]

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26 Jan 2019 01:52:22
Nice to see EA breaking everything. Again.

The release of the Anthem demo has caused their servers to have a massive meltdown. Great way for EA to start 2019.

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13 Jan 2019 21:15:42
So saw post a while back and as a result but divinity 2 original sin, going to start with my missus. How much to class’ affect play?

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04 Jan 2019 15:23:18
Anyone remember the original football manager game from the 80's?
Where you start in the fourth division but could buy players like Maradona etc for you Fourth division club.
It cost like £1.99 and you didn't need to go to a games retailer to buy it. As many newsagents used to sell these games on cassette.
The other one i enjoyed but Emlyn Hughes Soccer.

{Ed001's Note - a guy who worked with me ma rewrote the programme to increase the difficulty, so that was the version I had of it. But I forget what it was called, might have been soccer manager.}

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05 Jan 2019 11:40:47
Lol ed i used to change the player names and stats to99

{Ed001's Note - games were much better back then.}

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31 Dec 2018 23:42:39

Apart from games, can discuss about pc/notebook specs here as well? Need some opinions and advices on this.

{Ed001's Note - go for it mate.}

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01 Jan 2019 04:45:22
Thanks Ed01.

I'm going to replace my PC with a laptop. I have kind of a strict budget, but I want it to be decent enough to play some of the recent games.

Between Ryzen and i5, which one would be better? Then the graphics, the Ryzen comes with RX 560, while the i5 comes with GT1050. Both with 4GB graphics memory.

I really like the price of the Ryzen laptop, which is few hundreds Malaysian Ringgit cheaper than the i5. Some said Ryzens and Radeons are actually a bit better than its equivalent Intel and GeForce. But you know sometimes you tend to be a bit sceptical when considering the cheaper options; is it really better, if it is why it's cheaper etc.

Games will be just like the secondary usage of this laptop. Mainly want it for the kids. I can't consider to buy two, wife will be furious that's for sure.

{Ed001's Note - I don't know which of those are better, as I have used neither but I do know why they are cheaper. It is simply their USP is to undercut the market leader. When people get an idea in their mind that one thing is better, it becomes difficult to get them to consider an alternative. Intel and Nvidia have much bigger advertising budgets, so you can't use advertising to convince people you are better. The other main alternative is to go cheaper, as budget is always a key consideration when buying an expensive product like a computer. (I knew those business courses I did would come in handy one day!!!)}

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01 Jan 2019 05:27:51
You might have a point there Ed01.

I did some of my own research on these two. The Ryzen/Radeon seems to be a wee bit better in terms of specs compared to the i5/Geforce. But too much of figures and jargons that I really couldn't understand from the articles that I've read on this. And yet the Ryzen is cheaper. Brand power, is it?

Now comes to brand. The laptop that I'm considering the most is an Acer. I'm also considering some from Asus and MSI. Is the brand Acer okay? In terms of reliability I mean. Tech support is something I don't think too much of here.

{Ed001's Note - my old laptop is an Acer which I picked up very cheap as it was the previous year's model. The only problem I have had with it, apart from running ridiculously hot (so hot you can't have it on your lap! Though, to be fair it is far too big to seat comfortably on a lap anyway) is when a Windows update caused an issue with it and I had to roll it back. Other than that, never had a problem.

If one has an SSD for the operating system, rather than an HDD, then I would suggest taking that. The difference is extremely noticeable between the two, far more than the difference between the CPUs and GPUs in terms of performance.}

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01 Jan 2019 08:02:38
I totally overlooked this. Further look at the specs, the Ryzen comes with 1TB HDD + 128GB SSD, whereby the i5 just with 1TB HDD. Yet, still, the Ryzen is cheaper. Thanks Ed01. Now I know which one I'll go for.

{Ed001's Note - that would defo be my choice mate. An SSD is so much quicker, even just booting up.}

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01 Jan 2019 20:19:26
HaizanMSS, if you're looking for something to game on, I would stick with a desktop. Laptops have improved significantly in the last 5-10 years, but they're still years behind desktops and any failures with components, require you to buy a whole new laptop. Desktops also have the advantage of being fully customisable(unless you buy a Dell - DON'T BUY ONE), they have advanced cooling features which can prolong component lifespans and they're far more powerful.
Desktops are also attainable over a period of time, you can buy each component seperately when you're finances allow, this increases your budget overall.
For example I spent £1400 on my desktop over a period of 4 months. I purchased different components at different times and now I have a seriously powerful rig.

If you require portability for traveling then ignore what I've said, except one thing. Stay away from MSI, as from personal experience, their components fail regularly as in all 4 of my own MSI components failed over the years.

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01 Jan 2019 21:18:36
Thanks hsf. I oftenly bring my kids to here and there, even when I have outstation trips, that's why I have no choice but to go for a laptop.

The model that I'm eyeing is a gaming laptop, a budget one of course. I assume these gaming laptops have much better cooling system than the ordinary laptop. Am I right?

Some of my friends suggested MSI, and yet none of them have used or currently using it! Hence I came here. And again, thanks a lot hsf!

{Ed007's Note - This all baffles me. I'm trying to get the £ together for a PC powerful enough to let me stream my PS4 on Twitch, run OBS etc and I've been told it'll cost anything from £400 to £1500 just for a start up system.
I'm not saying guys like Ed001 & HSF don't know what they're talking about btw but just how confusing it all is to joe public and how easy we can get ripped off without having people like them to ask.}

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01 Jan 2019 22:28:21
Agree Ed07. I did find some articles, as well as forums discussing about these things, but they were more discussing about hardwares that are way way off of my budget. High-end stuffs. High-end means 4 or 5 thousand plus considering my currency here. Plus, like I said they used lots of numbers and figures and jargons which I found it difficult to understand. Like talking to engineers. I can create an account in any of these forums and post my questions there, but I'm not into having too many online accounts and stuffs. Good thing is, I have you guys, Eds. You guys created these sites, which easy for us to discuss and ask about almost anything in here.

Again I agree when we asked the wrong person, we might get misled or ripped off. Some suggested to me to walk-in to any of the stores, but that despise me. Whenever a customer mention about "budget", especially shoestring budget, most of these sales person tend to make those irritating faces and just refuse to attend the inquiry as much as they should.

Hsf, I missed asking you about Dell. Dell was initially one of my preference, mainly because years ago my clients preferred me to quote and supply them Dell computers, and these clients were mainly in engineering field and RnD. I had an assumption that maybe Dells are good. I decided against Dell purely because they are too ridiculously expensive, and those that are within my budget probably might just allow me to run Tetris! Why you advice me not to consider one, if you care to share. Thanks a lot hsf!

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01 Jan 2019 23:37:45
Agreed Ed007, I still seek advice from the overclockers forums because you can never be too sure. A lot of the component review sites are bias in some way or another, so relying on personal testimonies from PC enthusiasts is more beneficial.
£1500 sounds a bit much for a rig just to stream. But then again I don't stream, so I wouldn't really know.

{Ed007's Note - If I'm buying anything electronic I ask Ed001 for advice, from laptops to phones and tablets and he's never let me down yet - the Samsung tablet he recommended when we met up in Birmingham about 6 years ago is still running well enough for what I want.
I think the £1500 prices are more for if you want to play games on the PC, which I don't but I wonder how many people buy (or are 'conned' into buying) a PC that they don't actually need?}

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03 Jan 2019 18:33:14
HaizanMSS, they've just done a few shady things in the past with their hardware. They used to cheap out on some components like the power supply and memory. The power supply for example would be "just" powerful enough to run the system, but would be some off-brand garbage that would likely fail shortly after the warranty.
Memory would be the lowest frequency the motherboard could handle.
The case fans would be cheap and have strange adapters so they couldn't be replaced.

I don't know if that is still the case, as this was around 2006 maybe? But it was enough for me to never ever buy one.

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04 Jan 2019 14:06:37
Wow. That sounds more like robbing the customers. Regardless, I ain't going to consider Dell definitely purely because of the price.

Went to a shop, and found a model with SSHD, a hybrid of HDD and SSD. A bit more expensive though, but the margin is not too much and I'm really considering that one now.

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05 Jan 2019 19:58:38
One other thing I should have mentioned before is the cooling pads. A friend of mine uses one and highly recommends them.

They are a pad which your laptop sits on, that has fans built into it. All you need to do is plug it in via a usb port on your laptop.

SSHD's are pretty good, they cut down on load times a little bit as they have a specific sized cache dedicated to SSD, as well as a large HDD storage area. It's pretty clever and quite efficient.

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21 Dec 2018 11:38:19
Right, serious advice needed here. Me and the wife are just finishing off diablo 3 on ps4 couch co op. Was hoping to get another couch co op for Christmas, as of now, it'll be original Star Wars battlefront 2 but my eye has been on divinity 2, original sin. The reviews are amazing but I'm just not sure yet. Any thoughts on the game would be welcome or any suggestions for ps4 or xbone.

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23 Dec 2018 07:00:09
Divinity original sin 2 has to be the best rpg that has come out this decade by a mile for me followed by dragons dogma and Elex.

Divinity can be played co op but it is nothing like diablo. Its a slow paced game where you will be reading & listening to many dialogues and text. The combat is turn based and ruthless at some places.

If you want something like diablo but in a futuristic setting take a look at alienation, very solid game.

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24 Dec 2018 10:06:26
Much appreciated mate, yeah, I’m about to get hate but diablo 3 got so freaking boring. Especially the last act. I know that’s sacriledge. It started off fun but we completed it on the hardest setting available and it wasnt a challenge at all. We were completely op. We’ve gone and bought divinity 2 knowing full well now it’s going to be a major undertaking. Watched a number of different videos and holy spit, the combat system looks incredibly deep. The whole game does, excited and terrified jumping in. We are hoping it’ll be a game we’ll play for the next few years. I think it’ll be putting an entire day aside and just throwing ourselves in and learning. Any noob tips for a NOOB would be greatly appreciated.

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25 Dec 2018 13:34:31
The game is so complex that referring to a guide would make it even more confusing. I recommend playin it on the easiest difficulty since it won't kill the pace of the game in coop. You can always push the difficulty higher once you get the hang of the mechanics.

Important tips off the top of my head:
- try to make hybrid character builds which cover all elemental damages(fire,ice,water,poison,etc) and also consider long/close range (eg.long range- archer,mage,etc. / close range - warrior, knight,basically tanks, etc)

- higher ground during the battle gives you a damage buff

- You can create oily, water ,toxic, etc surfaces during battle so pay attention to your environment.

- explore everything and talk to all npcs. Get the pet pal perk which gives you the ability to communicate with animals.

- get into the habit of saving the game manually every 15 mins and keep multiple saves instead of overwriting.

- also the game rewards you for sneaking and thieving every place.

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25 Dec 2018 13:58:24
Diablo 3 was a decent game but never replayed it again. You should seriously consider alienation and helldivers, both twin stick shooters. Helldivers has friendly fire which makes co op even more fun and challenging.

Anyways merry christmas to you and all the posters/eds.

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28 Dec 2018 12:59:54
Much appreciated mate, same to you and your family. Crazy Christmas so far and haven’t had a chance to put it in the tray but I’ve already decided I need the animal perk on your advice. We’ll find a way to get our asses kicked from the off but looking forward to it.

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17 Dec 2018 13:39:53
I finally got my first solo chicken dinner on pubg last night. The ps4 version is much much more stable than the xbone version and I haven't seen any sign of mouse and keyboard cheats at all. Definitely worth a go for anyone who's tired of fortnight's epic building or the general crap ness of h1z1.

{Ed001's Note - solo chicken dinner?}

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17 Dec 2018 14:29:08
100 players on one map try and kill each other as the map closes in around them. When you win you receive your chicken dinner. (Essentially winner winner chicken dinner pops up on the screen.) I’ve put in around two days of gameplay on xbone and never got a solo victory and I finally got it on the ps4. A large part has to do with the fact that it’s a better version. Far smoother and just a joy to play.

{Ed001's Note - a chicken dinner? I am sorry but that is terrible.}

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17 Dec 2018 14:50:29
Haha to any pubg fans that’s sacrilege ed. To get a chicken dinner in pubg is sacrosanct. In fortnite it’s called getting a victory royale which is fine.

{Ed001's Note - I am sure it is very nice, but it just seems a bit meh. I certainly won't be bothering to try it if that is all you are aiming for.}

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17 Dec 2018 15:20:38
I think Battle Royale modes have shaken up the games industry to be honest. It mightened be everybody’s cup of tea but until you play one, it’s hard to describe what emotions you go through. Especially if your not great at the game (like me). I’ve never had my heart beat or hands shake with as much adrenaline as I found myself in the last part of the map with three other players all vying for the same position as a blue shield of electricity closed in around us forcing us to move. The terror of hearing footsteps in your headpiece or silenced gunfire landing around you and you haven’t a clue from where, is something regular deathmatches just can’t offer because when you die, you just respawn. When you’ve spent half an hour looting houses for armor, health and your preferred few guns of choice, (ak47, red dot site, with compensator for stability) and know any misstep will get you killed it’s frigging awesome and as I said, terrifying at the same point. I know you are an rts fan ed but if you ever get the opportunity or play a round on any format, really do give it a shot.

{Ed001's Note - I am not a big RTS fan mate. I just don't really enjoy FPS. Bores me.}

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17 Dec 2018 15:48:52
Sorry ed, I thought you’d said you play stuff like like c and c when editing. I imagine you don’t get to play much at all with the sites so “big fan” was probably a misstep on my part. I’m with you with FPS and tps, but having played shooters for the last twenty years I was bound to get board. that's why br mode has blown me away, it’s wonderful when games in a stagnant genre reinvent themselves in some way. I think it forces developers to push forward the industry as a whole. Pubg affects me wonderfully. Again I reiterate to any other ps4 gamers who ere curious, it is a cracking port across

{Ed001's Note - no mate, it is games like Civ and Total War or similar that are turn based I tend to play as you can just take a go and then leave it to play the rest. Or RPGs that you can just pause and come back to. Not that I get to play a lot, but it has to be something solo for me as I just do not have the time to sit and play anything. Be no point me trying something like PUBG to be honest.}

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17 Dec 2018 16:01:50
Don’t forget champo manager 2001/2. Your articles convinced me to go and download it again. Still the best to this day. 😉 I should thank you but I lost 4 straight days of my life to that last month. Barely getting work done as it is. I’ll stick with pubg for the wracked nerves for the moment.

{Ed001's Note - hahaha I did get it back again but have yet to open it. I barely get to play these days. I tried Conan Exiles, might be great but I just kept dying while I was editing.}

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17 Dec 2018 16:24:49
For the good of the site, don’t open it. Really don’t open it. Yeah Conan really kicks your ass. That type of game constantly runs but if you want a survival game like it, you can play offline 7 days to die and pause mid edit. It’s one of my all time favourite games for its many flaws but again, not everybody’s taste. It’s conan exiles but with zombies and easier building

{Ed001's Note - I did look at that first but after about 5 minutes decided to try Conan and just never got round to going back. I couldn't figure out what I was meant to do on 7 Days but Conan seemed easier to get started with. Now I have the idea I might have to go back to it one day to try it.}

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17 Dec 2018 19:16:17
Yes Ed, it is terrible. Welcome to modern video gaming.

{Ed001's Note - oh you sound like an old man now!!}

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15 Dec 2018 17:27:10
Anyone playing Red Dead here?
What are your thoughts?
Any mad stories?

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17 Dec 2018 13:35:54
Not yet mate, I know my life is forfeit for a few months when that one finds its way into my hands so I’m not getting it until the new year.

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12 Jan 2019 01:01:12
you ride a horse, then you ride a horse some more.then the horse falls and dies.then you walk for 15 mins to get another horse.lots of horse, but you can hogtie people and throw them off cliffs, put them on railway tracks or throw them in the river sooooooooo some fun stuff

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11 Dec 2018 23:38:21
My fut team
Walker sanchez van dyke Mendy

Willian fabhino fred sane

Jesus vardy
Subs pickford b.silva alli marital
Lacazette bailly jorginho

I've got 350k coins and I think I could do with upgrading my strikers and maybe lb but don't no who to get any ideas people??? And would you change anyone else in team if so who??? Thanks in advance

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13 Dec 2018 21:55:35
I wouldn't waste your time mate, ea are corrupt money grabbers and the game is unbelievably fixed. Its scripted so if you seem to me dominant the game will make you miss chances and everything go against you whereas the other team can score fluke goals.

Also they have a red list so popular youtubers will pack amazing cards to con you into thinking you will pack them too and spend your time and possibly money on the game.

Every youtuber has packed an icon, a cr7 or a messi. Have you or your mates? I doubt it, its disgusting how they get away with this blatent scam yet aren't regulated in anyway, there is plenty of evidence to support all of this.

Should get ed33 on them. If you love the game play pro clubs but in my opinion everyone should boycott it.

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08 Dec 2018 12:11:20
Hi all, recently bought FIFA 19, although have played every FIFA since 05, looking for a pro club (no greedy players please) 82st, however most of my gameplay is about linking up, etc. Please reply to this post if interested. I also have a mic, and Scottish.

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25 Nov 2018 11:52:42
Was talking to a Rep in ea yesterday at a convention in the rds I was doing and he said a full battlefield bad company remake was nearly tagged on to battlefield v in some form and that it's pretty close to being ready. He said ea are doing everything to get in the good books of people at the moment. Firestorm is looking to be excellent and strangely enough fallout's disasterous online debacle might have wide reaching effects on single player games. As in companies might be reconsidering online only games. Nice guy took my abuse about working for the devil really well. He might have been just spoofing but it seemed genuine enough.

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26 Nov 2018 00:19:26
I wouldn't trust anything EA says, ever. They've shown time and time again, they don't care about the community and only care about making money. The games they release are broken, unfinished and filled with microtransactions.

EA would be better off rebranding entirely, after firing all of the suits in the company and disbanding the board of directors.

It doesn't help that when EA feel threatend by a development team(like Westwood for example) they buy them out then liquidate them. They've done this with a number of up and coming developers.

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26 Nov 2018 07:58:51
Spot on hsf, was fairly certain you’d reply on this thread mate. It was refreshing to hear a little criticism for the company as a whole- (he really tore battlefront 1 and 2 apart as well as battlefield 1) It’s more that I’d love a bad company remake to pop out of nowhere. The hours I put into that game were unreal and bad company 2 is for me the best online shooter. We were talking about battle royale modes and how blackout kinda pulled the rug from under them despite it actually being disappointing and I just said all I wanted in life was an offline pubg with bots- that’s when he mentioned fallout and how relying on players to drive a game forward instead of programming ai might be a grave misstep for developers going forward. I very much doubt he’s any say in what they do but it was an interesting conversation.

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27 Nov 2018 19:30:04
Yeah I see "EA" and I immediately get triggered lol.

What he says is true about it being a grave mistake to focus solely on multiplayer aspects. This has forced the industry into the state that is now, which is a fudging mess to say the least. Games are being released unfinished with the laughable concept of "it's a live service game" or an "Early Access" game.
Microtransactions(MTX) have changed the face of the industry, promting it to become a money gobbling monster that seems to always be hungry. This is one of the reasons I've been so critical of FIFA's FUT in recent years as it relies heavily on MTX, with theories even going as far as to say that the game is coded to make you want to purchase points to improve your team, by silently decreasing your player stats(meaning they still show as 84 but they're actually 80 for example), as well as the difficulty randomly upping its self in the games vs AI's. Whether that's truth or fiction is debatable, but I really wouldn't put it past them.

EA seemed to take it that step too far with Battlefront 2 though, they tied the progression to loot boxes, which sent the fanbase into a frenzy and prompting last minute changes to the game, plus a complete rework of the progression system after the game went live.

I must give props to DICE though, they have really tried hard to make Battlefront 2 what it was intended to be in the fans eyes, even though EA decimated their development team from 150 devs to less than 20(it's recently just been given a bump to about 45 devs), removed nearly all of their budget and shunned almost every idea put forward. Ben "F8RGE" Walke has been a revalation since being put in charge of the development and a lot of the credit should go to him. It's just a real shame that they can't pump out the content that the fanbase craves, and that EA and Disney got this game off to such a bad start, it truely could have been a wonderful game and I'm not even a fan of Star Wars.

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13 Dec 2018 21:57:25
They put bullfrog out of business who made amazing games. Dirty pay to win rats

{Ed007's Note - They certainly did (make amazing games) mate. I remember playing loads of their games on my Amiga - Syndicate was absolute quality.
I didn't know that EA done that though.}

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13 Dec 2018 22:41:09
I loved a bit of theme park, they bought them out and took all of there creative freedom, there are a few games shelved as it would have conflicted with their other games they were releasing. The two founding members fell out big time and the guy behind most of the ideas left. They were a proper original gamers company made by gamers from woking, surrey.

Ea are scum and pay to win is just another monopoly tactic to keep the poor just that. The ceo of ea claimed around 2012 that single player is dead and they're sole purpose is to create online games, no your sole purpose is to create pay to wins and get filthy rich, hence why they stopped fight night and bought ufc rights, why pay each individual boxer a cut when we can just give dana white a cheque? Much cheaper and now they have ufc ultimate team pay to win

I might write an article on ea and send it in but i think it would be more of a essay, i could go for days. Yet no authorities question this behaviour, the gamers suffer. Yet the new generation know no different so to them its the norm.

{Ed007's Note - I'm sure Ed001 & Ed033 would use your 'essay' as an article on their news pages if you want to go for it.
I've been sucked into the FIFA trap over the last 18 months or so but I refuse to put any money into the game after I buy them - maybe it's an age thing but the pay2win (as well as the favouritism shown to big streamers etc) is just so obvious to me and I'll never understand why others refuse to believe or see it.}

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14 Dec 2018 11:32:18
I know mate its mainly kids being exploited. I will get to it over xmas but ill make sure not to use words like rats and scum, haha i'm just a passionate gamer who can see them for what they are

{Ed007's Note - I'll be interested to read that. I've seen the hate that EA get but never really paid much attention to it apart from the obvious stuff like pay2win and loot boxes.}

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17 Dec 2018 14:39:34
They have certainly made a few questionable ethic decisions in recent times. Would love a new fight night which will never happen though can’t understand why as boxing has been on the up for the last few years and mma slipping back down. They’ve made great games with disappointing attempts at making additional monies. Battlefield 5 will be a big pointer as to whether it’s approach at making the fan base happy bears fruit. As for the ceo, he walked away soon after that statement. I am convinced the current ceo is possibly the devil though. He looks so evil. Like really google Andrew Wilson ea, every time you look at him some of your soul is torn away. Shudder

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16 Nov 2018 11:12:48
Forget fortnite, the monster mess of pubg is coming to ps4 December.....8th? It is as glitchy as anything but still the best battle royale game on console

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17 Dec 2018 14:40:48
May as well reply while I’m here, it’s frigging awesome. The best Battle Royale game on console by a mile. It works.

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09 Nov 2018 14:03:41
ARK: Survival Evolved pumping out a 14.3GB update. Now that's an update lads.

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09 Nov 2018 15:48:41
And a further 12.8 GB update holy cow.

{Ed001's Note - that is bigger than most games in total.}

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10 Nov 2018 08:22:31
Indeed, 27.1GB worth of updates, never seen an update that big before, it was a 2 part content patch for the new DLC Extinction.

{Ed001's Note - I hate huge patches they take so long to download it is frustrating. It would be nice if someone would actually release a finished game instead of a beta these days. Then we could actually play the game straight away instead of having to download patches from the beginning!}

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11 Nov 2018 02:19:21
I agree for the most part Ed, but with some games like ARK, they were actually finished on release. They just decided to add more such as the Abberration DLC(new map, new creatures, new weapons and mechanics) in 2017 and the Extinction DLC with these latest patches.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't meaning it to refer to ARK as such, just in general, it annoys me paying such a huge amount of money for unfinished work.}

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11 Nov 2018 03:56:37
Yeah most games will be released with the intention of finishing with DLC.
I feel the exact same way about Microtransactions and most annual release games.

{Ed001's Note - until people stop paying for them though they will never end. They are even creeping into other games, giving you extra add ons you can buy through microtransactions. It is annoying.}

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15 Nov 2018 17:55:56
Lol fallout 76 just launched with a 51gb day 1 patch

{Ed001's Note - holy! That is a huge patch.}

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16 Nov 2018 07:26:54
Was it really that broken on release?!

{Ed001's Note - either that or they just forgot to put anything on the disc...}

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06 Nov 2018 09:35:13
Happy the forest on ps4 days guys. 4 years I've waited for this game. Even held off playing red dead so I could actually get a little time to play it this week. I'm sure I've made the right decision 😉

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10 Nov 2018 14:28:10
I made the wrong decision. 4 years wait for a game that has aged 4 years. Far better alternatives out there. Still though, it’s pretty to look at. Ho hum, back to work aoe.

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