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09 Nov 2018 14:03:41
ARK: Survival Evolved pumping out a 14.3GB update. Now that's an update lads.


1.) 09 Nov 2018 15:48:41
And a further 12.8 GB update holy cow.

{Ed001's Note - that is bigger than most games in total.}

2.) 10 Nov 2018 08:22:31
Indeed, 27.1GB worth of updates, never seen an update that big before, it was a 2 part content patch for the new DLC Extinction.

{Ed001's Note - I hate huge patches they take so long to download it is frustrating. It would be nice if someone would actually release a finished game instead of a beta these days. Then we could actually play the game straight away instead of having to download patches from the beginning!}

3.) 11 Nov 2018 02:19:21
I agree for the most part Ed, but with some games like ARK, they were actually finished on release. They just decided to add more such as the Abberration DLC(new map, new creatures, new weapons and mechanics) in 2017 and the Extinction DLC with these latest patches.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't meaning it to refer to ARK as such, just in general, it annoys me paying such a huge amount of money for unfinished work.}

4.) 11 Nov 2018 03:56:37
Yeah most games will be released with the intention of finishing with DLC.
I feel the exact same way about Microtransactions and most annual release games.

{Ed001's Note - until people stop paying for them though they will never end. They are even creeping into other games, giving you extra add ons you can buy through microtransactions. It is annoying.}

5.) 15 Nov 2018 17:55:56
Lol fallout 76 just launched with a 51gb day 1 patch

{Ed001's Note - holy! That is a huge patch.}

6.) 16 Nov 2018 07:26:54
Was it really that broken on release?!

{Ed001's Note - either that or they just forgot to put anything on the disc...}



27 Aug 2018 00:13:16
Tragic what has happened at the gaming event in Florida. 4 people fatally wounded and 11 more injured in a shooting.




19 Jun 2018 00:36:20
Anyone played Jurassic World Evolution?

When I heard about this the inner child in me leapt for joy at the thought of building my very own Dinosaur park!

It's actually pretty fun, needs some tweaks and fixes, but it looks like this game is going to be supported well by the devs at Frontier, so that's very pleasing to hear!


{Ed001's Note - I like theme park games, the original theme park is a classic. I will have to take a look at this.}

1.) 20 Jun 2018 00:09:08
Have you played Planet Coaster Ed? That too is made by Frontier and is exceptionally well made, aside from the UI which is a real let down D:

{Ed001's Note - I haven't played that. I have looked at it a few times and thought about trying it. I am still not sure now you have said about the UI!}

2.) 20 Jun 2018 19:36:17
The UI was just a personal thing Ed, I just don't find it very efficient and it's a bit problematic if you try and rescale it.
If you like builder games it's 100% worth getting. The Workshop creations on Steam are sensational.

{Ed001's Note - I will have a look, it must be cheap by now.}

3.) 20 Jun 2018 19:38:12
But back onto JWE, it's a solid game and they're adding more content + patching some issue's on the 22nd. There are also plans to release further DLC's which are rumoured to contain Marine Reptiles and Pterosaurs.

{Ed001's Note - it does sound like a fun game that.}

4.) 20 Jun 2018 23:06:02
I highly recommend searching on for a cheap CD Key, I buy all my games from there as well as but not so much since finding IG, you usually get around 20%-40% off from IG.

{Ed001's Note - I will take a look at there when I have some money.}



11 Jun 2018 18:03:11
{Ed007's Note - Without wanting to sound like an old fogey I think that the market is dictated to by the fact young people don't look for longevity in a game, they want new content every week (SBCs etc in FIFA?). I speak to the young lad next door and my nephew about games and both of them will say that they've completed whatever game we're talking about but they've really only played through it (probably on an easy level) and have only completed say 22% of the game, they have no interest in grinding away at games. My nephew bought Detroit: BH and had it 2 days before he was trading it in because he had supposedly completed it, I gave him a loan of Elite Dangerous and he wasn't interested at all because you need to grind away at it and can't just buy upgrades etc so he couldn't see the point!
The thing that really grinds my gears just now is the amount of games that basically require you to continually spend money on them, Star Wars Battlefront was rightly chastised over their loot boxes. It was good to see Belgium ruling that it is a form of gambling and I think that is something other countries should defintelty look at.
Look at Fortnite, another example of people wanting quick games and it's absolutely garbage but it's successful because youngsters nip their folk's heads until they give them money to buy stupid costumes etc that add nothing to the gameplay, it's a massive con imo.
I was talking about this to my nephew yesterday and found out he's spent over £1000 on FIFA (well technically his parents spent it) and one of my friends has subsidised his nephew's FIFA to the tune of thousands of ££ whereas I've never spent a penny on it and have no intention of ever buying points. They've got you over a barrel with that as well, you can buy points to buy packs but you're not allowed to buy coins where you could just buy say 2 million points and 'buy' the players you want. From watching Twitch streamers you see that youngsters are more interested in buying and opening packs than playing the actual game which suits EA down to the ground because they'll keep on buying points and packs.}

Just thought I'd carry this on as a new topic, as it's almost off the page now on the original thread.
I completely agree with what you're saying and in my view, it's split between two reasons as to why it's like this.
1). The population of video gamers is growing too fast.
There are not enough developers and funding out there to keep up with demand, which leads to rushed products and premature release dates.
2). The mentality of the gaming population is abhorrent.
So much so, that it puts relentless pressure on developers in the form of cancerous publishers like EA. The publishers see the demand and instantly think profit, this insatiable thirst for profit is so intense that they want the game finished yesterday, which ends up in problematic releases, budget cuts and liquidation of development companies
I would also like to give a dishonourable shoutout to Valve and Steam, for their flip off to the gaming population, which was the "Green Light project", allowing anyone and his dog to create a "game" and sell it on the steam store. Thanks to this, we have garbage like Genital Jousting, Shower with your Dad simulator and Goat simulator. This lead to the whole "Early Access" crap, which resulted in people running away with shit loads of money and not finishing the game they "developed".
Also, steam is very much responsible for bringing gambling, organised crime(yes, the Mafia) and petty crime(account hacking), all thanks to the wonderful Steam Market Place. This wonderful place brought about websites like CSGO Lounge, where you could bet your skins on CSGO matches, which became very profitable and well, with gambling comes The Mafia.


{Ed007's Note - I don't use Steam for anything except playing FM but Ed001 uses it a lot, I've heard of some of the stupid games I didn't know that's where they came from though.}

1.) 12 Jun 2018 19:57:26
Gonna be honest here and say I whole heartedly blame the Hipster mindset for all of those crappy indy games.
"Oh look, it's so nostalgic and quaint like my stupid 1860s twirly beard and 1980s fashion sense"

2.) 13 Jun 2018 09:24:12
Hard to disagree with pretty much everything you’ve said there hsf. It’s a generation thing I feel. That said, I've no issue with Fortnite’s business. If you buy the full game, you can earn points to buy the skin of your choosing in the other mode and at least you can choose which skin you want as opposed to loot crates. I hate to pull the parent thing but if you allow your kid to spend a grand on a game, that’s your call but maybe you should be asking yourself if it’s a good lesson your kid is learning. If you are stung by a kid spending a grand of your money, take it as a lesson in parenting and maybe for life moving forward, have a little bit more understanding of what your kids are up to. Not saying you’ll be able to keep an eye on them for life but a little more interest goes a long way. As for the way the gaming industry has turned, I agree. What I would add is that imo, there is no shortage of games at all. Merely a lack of cream rising to the top. 100 devs make a hundred indie games these days. 2 or 3 are playable. Talented devs make just enough to get by and never reach their full potential with an actual budget and team behind them. What I would like to hear is far more bigger companies like Sony, Microsoft and even ea snapping up the brightest talent and leaving the mush behind. It’s the same old, which is why gaming as a whole has stagnated. I also believe that the recession has caused a major problem to many companies. It could be many more years before the gaming industry begins to progress.

3.) 13 Jun 2018 10:21:21
i am honestly 100% okay with the fortnite concept, the skins adds no value to gameplay,so u need to be a good player to win as no amounts of dragon wings or whatever will impact your skill. so it is up to the players to decide if they want those skins. similar to pubg and csgo i suppose. on the gambling comment, i can't say anything as i don't play csgo, without any experience of it i don't think i can comment on it.

fifa (and the BF fiasco on lootboxes) impacts gameplay and this is the kind of in game purchases i disagree with, especially with fifa trying to be a competitive esports when it is clear u need to be good and need the money to be able to compete.



25 May 2018 20:32:36
Anyone seen Battlefield V? Seems like they're going with a similar system to Battlefront 2, with the free DLC and stuff, however it seems to be coming with a hell of a lot more, than what SWBF2 did. Does this mean that SWBF2 was some sort of Beta for Battlefield V?


1.) 26 May 2018 10:41:34
I’d say it was going to follow the exact same model with loot crates and micro transactions then all hell broke loose with battlefront debacle so ea are doing everything in their power to avoid another drop in sales. As I said earlier, I’m waiting for the stick to all those amazing carrots but perhaps they’ve learned. Call me cautiously optimistic that companies might start be turning a corner. Would have loved a battle royale mode but hey, cod looks to have answered that one




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05 Jan 2019 19:58:38
One other thing I should have mentioned before is the cooling pads. A friend of mine uses one and highly recommends them.

They are a pad which your laptop sits on, that has fans built into it. All you need to do is plug it in via a usb port on your laptop.

SSHD's are pretty good, they cut down on load times a little bit as they have a specific sized cache dedicated to SSD, as well as a large HDD storage area. It's pretty clever and quite efficient.




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03 Jan 2019 18:33:14
HaizanMSS, they've just done a few shady things in the past with their hardware. They used to cheap out on some components like the power supply and memory. The power supply for example would be "just" powerful enough to run the system, but would be some off-brand garbage that would likely fail shortly after the warranty.
Memory would be the lowest frequency the motherboard could handle.
The case fans would be cheap and have strange adapters so they couldn't be replaced.

I don't know if that is still the case, as this was around 2006 maybe? But it was enough for me to never ever buy one.




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01 Jan 2019 23:37:45
Agreed Ed007, I still seek advice from the overclockers forums because you can never be too sure. A lot of the component review sites are bias in some way or another, so relying on personal testimonies from PC enthusiasts is more beneficial.
£1500 sounds a bit much for a rig just to stream. But then again I don't stream, so I wouldn't really know.


{Ed007's Note - If I'm buying anything electronic I ask Ed001 for advice, from laptops to phones and tablets and he's never let me down yet - the Samsung tablet he recommended when we met up in Birmingham about 6 years ago is still running well enough for what I want.
I think the £1500 prices are more for if you want to play games on the PC, which I don't but I wonder how many people buy (or are 'conned' into buying) a PC that they don't actually need?}



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01 Jan 2019 20:19:26
HaizanMSS, if you're looking for something to game on, I would stick with a desktop. Laptops have improved significantly in the last 5-10 years, but they're still years behind desktops and any failures with components, require you to buy a whole new laptop. Desktops also have the advantage of being fully customisable(unless you buy a Dell - DON'T BUY ONE), they have advanced cooling features which can prolong component lifespans and they're far more powerful.
Desktops are also attainable over a period of time, you can buy each component seperately when you're finances allow, this increases your budget overall.
For example I spent £1400 on my desktop over a period of 4 months. I purchased different components at different times and now I have a seriously powerful rig.

If you require portability for traveling then ignore what I've said, except one thing. Stay away from MSI, as from personal experience, their components fail regularly as in all 4 of my own MSI components failed over the years.




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17 Dec 2018 19:16:17
Yes Ed, it is terrible. Welcome to modern video gaming.


{Ed001's Note - oh you sound like an old man now!!}




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