13 Dec 2020 23:50:55
EA Games are trying to trump the Take-Two takeover of Codemasters.

Great, two awful companies bidding over a half decent one.

1.) 17 Dec 2020
17 Dec 2020 10:03:30
Yeah two of the most greedy microtransaction companys fighting over codemasters,I can already see the next f1 game, £10 for extra grip tyres ,tracks hidden behind a paywall etc

2.) 22 Dec 2020
22 Dec 2020 14:28:00
Well, they introduced Pitcoins a year or two ago in the F1 games, so I can see Take-Two or EA taking full advantage of that.

Unlock career mode - 20,000 pitcoins.
Unlock 'My Team' Career mode - 20,000 pitcoins.
Unlock Multiplayer - 500,000 pitcoins.
Unlock 2nd gear - 1,000,000 pitcoins.

Greedy bukyaks.

3.) 16 Feb 2021
16 Feb 2021 00:10:13
Code asters original games were epic games now are all the same nothing original with actual gameplay
all online
No gameplay
No originality
Same game different maps
Just franchise games
No fun games