07 Sep 2020 16:21:43
Just flicking through some retro games site and does anyone remember marble madness on the Nintendo had some good fun on that.

{Ed001's Note - I have never had a Nintendo, other than the daughter's Wii.}

1.) 07 Sep 2020
07 Sep 2020 19:39:48
Yeah I had a wii too, mind you I think the only console I haven’t owned is the saga Dreamcast.

Anyway back to the Wii I think that was Nintendo’s worse release. You haven’t lived Ed if you haven’t had a go on Mario kart

{Ed001's Note - I have played that, boring as hell sorry. Dreadful game. It is like things like FIFA, only good for playing with a bunch of mates for a laugh as it has no value as a game in of itself for me.}

2.) 10 Sep 2020
10 Sep 2020 16:04:25
Never actually understood the purpose of Nintendo's consoles post N64. It's like they want to be 3 different things, a fitness centre, a childs toy and a gameboy.