21 Mar 2020 12:43:05
Is it to late to restart from the last checkpoint?

Hope everyone is safe and well and has plenty of games to get through if you are having to self isolate.

{Ed001's Note - games like RDR and Fallout come into their own at times like this!}

1.) 25 Mar 2020
25 Mar 2020 04:21:09
Thank God for two new releases within 3 months. Doom Eternal(which is amazing by the way) and Command and Conquer remasters(C&C and Red Alert), which I am going to sink a monsterous amount of hours into.

I've already completed Doom Eternal on Ultra Violence difficulty and started on Nightmare tonight, which will probably take me quite a few sessions as the game play is so intense at times.

Command and Conquer comes out in June I think and the gameplay videos that came out, have been really impressive. Everything is just a slightly updated version of what it already was, enabling higher resolution graphics. However they have added a couple of new features, such as unit queuing (THANK YOU!), a Skirmish mode for the original C&C and all new sound tracks to go with the originals, including previously discarded tracks that didn't make the cut for the original release. There is apparently more to be announced, such as possible new units and bonus campaign missions.
My only worry is that it's got an EA label on it. I know it's not specifically made by EA, as it's being made by some of the original dev team from Westwood Studios, but EA like to interfere, set boundries, cut budgets, liquidate development teams and many more horrible things, so I am a little hesitent to go all in on it. I am at about 90% though...