16 Jun 2019 23:25:59
Surviving Mars:

Essentially a City Builder but on Mars and with some unique concepts. You have got the obvious things like you need to house everything in domes, but what I really like about the game, is you get these "events" which happen and this adds some really unique elements to the game. The events that occur usually lead to a unique series of break through technologies, all of which server different purposes. One of the events I had allowed me to bring earth-like traits to Martian born colonists via the education system, these would all be beneficial traits only.

You're also put up against 3 other rival colonies, these all have different levels of funding. You can interact with these colonies via trading, gifting, insulting or even colluding to eliminate another colony.

I did run into a couple of problems, a lot of my Geologists decided to stop working in the Geologists specific jobs, which left me running low on key resources such as Rare Metals, which you can either sell for extra funding or use to make electronics. Nothing too major but a little annoying.

Other than that the game is very well made, plays excellently and has a very mild learning curve. This is arguably the most polished game I've played recently.

Also, Frontier(Planet Coaster, Elite Dangerous, Jurassic World Evolution) have picked up the developers for this game and will be publishing their work from now on.

1.) 17 Jun 2019
17 Jun 2019 20:28:32
Yeah I enjoyed surviving Mars but my colonists seemed to keep getting infected with those spores even tho I had air purifiers etc

2.) 18 Jun 2019
18 Jun 2019 00:57:58
I've not come across that yet lol. I got to 100% terraformed and kind of stopped playing. I might try a new game with just 1 rocket of Earth colonists, see how long it takes me to get to 1000 population :D