17 Dec 2018 13:39:53
I finally got my first solo chicken dinner on pubg last night. The ps4 version is much much more stable than the xbone version and I haven't seen any sign of mouse and keyboard cheats at all. Definitely worth a go for anyone who's tired of fortnight's epic building or the general crap ness of h1z1.

{Ed001's Note - solo chicken dinner?}

1.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 14:29:08
100 players on one map try and kill each other as the map closes in around them. When you win you receive your chicken dinner. (Essentially winner winner chicken dinner pops up on the screen.) I’ve put in around two days of gameplay on xbone and never got a solo victory and I finally got it on the ps4. A large part has to do with the fact that it’s a better version. Far smoother and just a joy to play.

{Ed001's Note - a chicken dinner? I am sorry but that is terrible.}

2.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 14:50:29
Haha to any pubg fans that’s sacrilege ed. To get a chicken dinner in pubg is sacrosanct. In fortnite it’s called getting a victory royale which is fine.

{Ed001's Note - I am sure it is very nice, but it just seems a bit meh. I certainly won't be bothering to try it if that is all you are aiming for.}

3.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 15:20:38
I think Battle Royale modes have shaken up the games industry to be honest. It mightened be everybody’s cup of tea but until you play one, it’s hard to describe what emotions you go through. Especially if your not great at the game (like me). I’ve never had my heart beat or hands shake with as much adrenaline as I found myself in the last part of the map with three other players all vying for the same position as a blue shield of electricity closed in around us forcing us to move. The terror of hearing footsteps in your headpiece or silenced gunfire landing around you and you haven’t a clue from where, is something regular deathmatches just can’t offer because when you die, you just respawn. When you’ve spent half an hour looting houses for armor, health and your preferred few guns of choice, (ak47, red dot site, with compensator for stability) and know any misstep will get you killed it’s frigging awesome and as I said, terrifying at the same point. I know you are an rts fan ed but if you ever get the opportunity or play a round on any format, really do give it a shot.

{Ed001's Note - I am not a big RTS fan mate. I just don't really enjoy FPS. Bores me.}

4.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 15:48:52
Sorry ed, I thought you’d said you play stuff like like c and c when editing. I imagine you don’t get to play much at all with the sites so “big fan” was probably a misstep on my part. I’m with you with FPS and tps, but having played shooters for the last twenty years I was bound to get board. that's why br mode has blown me away, it’s wonderful when games in a stagnant genre reinvent themselves in some way. I think it forces developers to push forward the industry as a whole. Pubg affects me wonderfully. Again I reiterate to any other ps4 gamers who ere curious, it is a cracking port across

{Ed001's Note - no mate, it is games like Civ and Total War or similar that are turn based I tend to play as you can just take a go and then leave it to play the rest. Or RPGs that you can just pause and come back to. Not that I get to play a lot, but it has to be something solo for me as I just do not have the time to sit and play anything. Be no point me trying something like PUBG to be honest.}

5.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 16:01:50
Don’t forget champo manager 2001/2. Your articles convinced me to go and download it again. Still the best to this day. 😉 I should thank you but I lost 4 straight days of my life to that last month. Barely getting work done as it is. I’ll stick with pubg for the wracked nerves for the moment.

{Ed001's Note - hahaha I did get it back again but have yet to open it. I barely get to play these days. I tried Conan Exiles, might be great but I just kept dying while I was editing.}

6.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 16:24:49
For the good of the site, don’t open it. Really don’t open it. Yeah Conan really kicks your ass. That type of game constantly runs but if you want a survival game like it, you can play offline 7 days to die and pause mid edit. It’s one of my all time favourite games for its many flaws but again, not everybody’s taste. It’s conan exiles but with zombies and easier building

{Ed001's Note - I did look at that first but after about 5 minutes decided to try Conan and just never got round to going back. I couldn't figure out what I was meant to do on 7 Days but Conan seemed easier to get started with. Now I have the idea I might have to go back to it one day to try it.}

7.) 17 Dec 2018
17 Dec 2018 19:16:17
Yes Ed, it is terrible. Welcome to modern video gaming.

{Ed001's Note - oh you sound like an old man now!!}