09 Nov 2018 14:03:41
ARK: Survival Evolved pumping out a 14.3GB update. Now that's an update lads.

1.) 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 15:48:41
And a further 12.8 GB update holy cow.

{Ed001's Note - that is bigger than most games in total.}

2.) 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 08:22:31
Indeed, 27.1GB worth of updates, never seen an update that big before, it was a 2 part content patch for the new DLC Extinction.

{Ed001's Note - I hate huge patches they take so long to download it is frustrating. It would be nice if someone would actually release a finished game instead of a beta these days. Then we could actually play the game straight away instead of having to download patches from the beginning!}

3.) 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 02:19:21
I agree for the most part Ed, but with some games like ARK, they were actually finished on release. They just decided to add more such as the Abberration DLC(new map, new creatures, new weapons and mechanics) in 2017 and the Extinction DLC with these latest patches.

{Ed001's Note - I wasn't meaning it to refer to ARK as such, just in general, it annoys me paying such a huge amount of money for unfinished work.}

4.) 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 03:56:37
Yeah most games will be released with the intention of finishing with DLC.
I feel the exact same way about Microtransactions and most annual release games.

{Ed001's Note - until people stop paying for them though they will never end. They are even creeping into other games, giving you extra add ons you can buy through microtransactions. It is annoying.}

5.) 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 17:55:56
Lol fallout 76 just launched with a 51gb day 1 patch

{Ed001's Note - holy! That is a huge patch.}

6.) 16 Nov 2018
16 Nov 2018 07:26:54
Was it really that broken on release?!

{Ed001's Note - either that or they just forgot to put anything on the disc...}