23 Oct 2018 20:44:31
Has anyone got a Nintendo switch? Would you recommend for there is anyone. I'm thinking of getting my son one for Christmas. He's only 4 so I was wondering if there are any games for his age range? Cheers

1.) 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 18:31:24
Nintendo are traditionally the best for younger gamers, but it is a machine with a lot of moving parts and it is quite breakable especially as a handheld. You might be better off picking up a second hand 360 or a wii and a shed load of friendly titles at next to nothing. As a console itself, it’s great fun. I went to Italy recently and it was a great companion with fifa 18 and fortnite. Not to mention my wife stealing away with Zelda when I wasn’t looking. Mario kart and Mario odyssey would be best suited for him imo. (At least wait until he’s 10 before popping the excellent doom into the machine 😉) hope this helps.

2.) 25 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 20:59:48
Thanks mate. Part of the reason for getting him one is for me to play it aswell have.