08 Oct 2018 03:11:02
so how was the first WL?

i wasnt doing well in rivals, struggling to get into division 4, and was only targeting gold 3 (14/30 wins) initially.

somehow i did way better than expected, managed to narrowly miss gold 1, finishing at 19 wins.

1.) 08 Oct 2018
08 Oct 2018 12:18:26
Managed 6 wins out of 13 games. Opened my rewards and got Bas Dost.brilliant

2.) 08 Oct 2018
08 Oct 2018 17:12:50
It seems that was squad battle rewards actually

3.) 10 Oct 2018
10 Oct 2018 03:43:46
WL rewards are coming this thursday, excited for the red cards, could be getting mbappe with him scoring a hattrick. but thatll never really happen so i'm not putting high hopes man.

i really think division rivals are better than any division provided to us in early FUTs. in terms of getting competitive, training games i mean. as i often feel i'm being put up against equal skilled level players, that every game is tough.

previously even in division 1 i felt there were opponents that was just too easy to beat.

what has been removed now however (especially since they have removed online tournaments) there are no "fun" modes left. its either really competitive modes or single player modes, there's no in between.