05 Oct 2018 00:38:59
Assassins Creed Odyssey's out today......


1.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 02:34:40
Oh God, really? Sigh.


{Ed007's Note - How very dare you lol. I'm actually pretty gutted I haven't got it.}

2.) 05 Oct 2018
05 Oct 2018 17:19:49
In fairness hsf, this one looks like it could be quite good.

3.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 16:22:51
Yeah but they say this about every single Call of Duty and Battlefield. xD

I'm just teasing, as I know Ed007 is a huge fan of AC lol.

{Ed007's Note - Aye rub it in! I'll need to wait until it's available pre-owned to get it.}

4.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 18:25:23
Don't worry Ed, I've had 10 years of the "Half Life 3 confirmed" stuff, which makes me so sad =[ I mean how can you leave arguably the most iconic gaming franchise of all time the way they did. It should be a crime!

{Ed007's Note - At least I know I'll eventually get AC:Odyssey when finances allow 😂 can you say the same about HL3?}

5.) 07 Oct 2018
07 Oct 2018 22:36:17
Valve will wait until the next big evolution in video gaming to release Half Life 3(if they ever do). As it's always been a game which likes to show something off. For example: In Half Life it was showing off the physics engine. In Half Life 2 it was showing off High Dynamic Range(HDR) lighting and a vastly superior physics engine to anything we'd ever seen before.
Personally, I think Valve will wait until VR is the norm before even looking at development.

{Ed007's Note - Can you get 1 and 2 on the PS4? I can only vaguely remember playing them but my wife got all excited (and that takes a Hell of a lot these days) there when I asked if she can remember me playing them.
She's nipping my nut about Golf Club 2019....

6.) 08 Oct 2018
08 Oct 2018 15:27:30
Shush we don’t talk about half life. It hurts us all too much hsf.