10 Aug 2018 17:23:17
Hey all,

was wondering what everyone's game that you loved, but everyone else hated.

I recently bought "South Park, Chef's Luv Shack" for the PS1 to play when i have a few friends round. It's not a masterpiece but its such good fun! but a lot of people seem to hate it. Kind of like the original "South Park" game by Acclaim. It is universally panned and amongst the worst rated PS1 games of all time. But i loved it. I thought it was great fun.

Was also just wondering as i always like to revisit old games and play them again so open to any suggestions/ideas?

{Ed007's Note - It was probably Elite on the Amiga, my mates used to go daft at the amount of time I spent playing it when they were sitting about.}

1.) 11 Aug 2018
11 Aug 2018 13:02:25
Among the gamers that I play online games with, it's probably got to be Lost Planet and Red Faction. For some reason whenever I load one of those games up, I get messages on steam about how rubbish they are.

I don't understand it personally, I mean Lost Planet tried something new for the time and did ok, but it got a few things wrong and had poor optimisation on PC. And Red Faction has arguably reshaped the damage modeling for video games. The entirely destructable surroundings was a brave move, it could have caused a serious amount of optimsation issue's but they did very well with it. Not only that, it's recently been taken over by an independant developer, who is doing rather well with it.

2.) 23 Aug 2018
23 Aug 2018 21:18:18
In my group of friends it’s JRPGs things like dragon quest , blue dragon etc. I love them games but my mates think I’m a total sad case @36 playing that stuff. But I still rinse manga and anime so that’s probably why. 😂.

3.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 10:22:09
I would say one of my favourite games ever has to be Frontlines: Fuel of War was never overly popular and not many people I know have even heard of it but it was amazing! Came out in 2008.

Best story mode for a shooter game ever (in my opinion) and the soundtrack is fecking awesome!

{Ed001's Note - for me it was things like Panzer General. I love those type of strategy games.}

4.) 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 11:09:15
Ohh yes ed1, can't beat a good strategy!

Although i could never get into the turn based ones like the one you mentioned. Sudden Strike 1 was outstanding, I would say that was my first real strategy game well the one that got me hooked on that genre of games.

{Ed001's Note - I love the turn based ones more than RTS games. The Civ games are amongst my favourite ever and I like the Total War series as it has a mix.}

5.) 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 12:52:15
For me it was Total Annihilation on the PC - sort of Age of Empires with robots and no civilisation, just war. Everyone I've ever met found it boring and 1 dimensional, but I thought it was great!

6.) 23 Sep 2018
23 Sep 2018 20:30:24
The conflict games were epic .
Desert storm 1+2 and Vietnam .
Countless hours on those .