06 Feb 2018 12:48:08
Get yourself down to your local ASDA where you can pick up The Evil Within 2 for £8!


1.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 18:29:11
It’s a good game ed bargain

{Ed007's Note - The Mrs got dispatched toot sweet down to ASDA for it mate.}

2.) 06 Feb 2018
06 Feb 2018 18:29:47
Also just playing through darksiders 1 remastered about a £5 bargain get on it

{Ed007's Note - Wasn't Darksiders 2 one of the free PSN games last month?}

3.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 08:44:14
I haven’t played either of the evil within games. Are they any good? After working through fear 2 I’ve never really found a game that I’ve enjoyed in that genre. As in scary. Kind of the reason I loved fear so much was because the gameplay was absolutely brilliant and the scares were so clever whilst more recent games focus on jump scares alone. I think the little demon girl alma chasing me around pretty much drained all of my scared.

{Ed007's Note - My 15-year-old nephew had to stop playing the first Evil Within because it was too scary for him lol

4.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 12:43:42
I don’t know ed! I played them on first release but decided I’d give the remaster a go as it’s been years since the last one and the third is coming out this year. If your going to give them a go start with the first as the story is heavily connected . Really worth a go ed

{Ed007's Note - I'll keep an eye out for a cheap copy of it.}

5.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 12:44:07
And there’s easy normal and hard settings . just for you 😂

{Ed007's Note - Cheeky sod (clap)

6.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 12:55:25
Thats a great deal on the evil within 2 ,its a really good game,and darksiders i just downloaded darksiders1 and 2 remasters off gamepass,id played them last gen,but I've just finished darksiders 1 and about to start the sequel forgot how good they were roll on darksiders 3

7.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 16:40:16
Aoe if you thought fear was scary you might like the evil within series good. The main reason is that I loved fear and thought the whole trilogy was good 2 been the best. I much prefer FP perspective and was never a fan of over the shoulder but I was intrigued that it is very much psychological warping backgrounds and very creepy. It plays like a Rez but is much more like fear in that it’s around psychological experiments

8.) 07 Feb 2018
07 Feb 2018 23:36:36
Awesome. That is one I might try pick up so. I've always loved the fp perspective because it sucks you in. Would have loved dead space in that perspective but alas it never happened. I'm weird, I put fear 2 on such a high pedestal for the awesome gameplay, brilliant story and genuine scares. (Again demonic alma is the most terrifying thing ever created) Might also add that the dlc was absolutely incredible. It's just so hard to get excited about horror games after that and I'm probably being narrow minded. I thought amnesia would finally wean me off but I just found myself getting bored which is rare in most games. I laughed all the way through slender and alien isolation just didn't grab me. Why fear a faceless stick man or a rampant xenomorph when you've faced and (ahem) become intimate with a demon chick like alma. Ah the memories.

9.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 07:41:29
Sorry I didn’t state clearly , it’s third person! But very much like fear in the idea and creepy stakes. Start with the first as it’s a continuing story

10.) 08 Feb 2018
08 Feb 2018 18:33:24
Ah no your grand sanogo, totally got it was third. I just went off on a tangent about fps and I'd talk about fear 2 all day long if I could. I'll gladly take the recommendations in this thread and if it's cheap I'll pick it up at cex one of these days.

11.) 14 Feb 2018
14 Feb 2018 22:12:43
Theyve just added a 1st person mode to the game