13 Oct 2016 22:02:47
Anyone played FIFA 17 yet? What's your thoughts?

I like a lot of the idea's, it's the first FIFA I've paid for since 2001. I love the shooting mechanics, they're so much better than these floaty curlers that you see in 15 and 16, there really seems to be some spite in the shooting.

Player movement is still abysmal, I set my striker instructions to "get in behind" and he either stands there doing nothing, or comes deep(half way line) where his pace is ineffective. same too for my wingers. I find that it's usually my CDM who is in the scoring position even though I set him to "stay back while attacking"

Passing needs some tweaks, I've found my passes don't always reach my intended target.
For example: I had 2 players in a line ahead of the player passing(approximately 6 and 25 yards respectively), I put a lot of power in to the pass and it just pee-rolled to the player 6 yards ahead of me, resulting in poor touch and loss of possession.

I believe in career mode, there are still predetermined results, for example, I played 3 games last night, against Hull, Manchester City and Fleetwood Town in the FA cup.
I just beat Hull, they played like Liverpool with the high pressing, it was exceptionally hard to maintain possession. I won 2-0 but I really struggled. Then I played City, I had a weakened team out and I win 6-2. Then I play Fleetwood Town. I finish the game with 18% possession, 1 shot, 0 on target. I lost 4-0. One other thing with this is, in the games vs Hull and Fleetwood, it was impossible not to foul, and when they foul, no free kick. It's something that REALLY needs to be taken out of the game, as this just forces people to use the restart function or simply hold ALT and press F4(rage quit).
Now just to clarify, I'm not bad at this game, I'm division 2 in Seasons mode online, so I like to think I'm better than Professional on AI difficulty, however, World Class AI is just really, really annoying.

Graphically it looks more polished and some of the animations are simply awesome. You can fake throw ins and even move up and down the touch line when doing a throw in.
There are added features for the keeper, such as a driven throw/flat throw which ever you prefer to call it.
I do not like the way EA have made you sit there and watch the full cut-scene of the referee awarding a card, it's only to show off the Frostbite engine and it's annoying. We get it EA, you've got a new engine, that's cool, now let us play the f***ing game!

I'm not interested in The Journey or Ultimate Team, so I can't say anything about them.

This game is better than 16, but it has more niggling issue's which NEED sorting., if they don't fix it, they'll lose the entire fanbase/playerbase, PES are making huge strides into overtaking FIFA by buying all the licenses, and adding new features to their games which are actually wanted by the community, so EA need to act quickly if they are to keep the #1 spot.

1.) 15 Oct 2016
15 Oct 2016 20:25:19
Fifa is the same shiz every year tbh. The only reason I buy it is to play pro clubs with mates over the mic, it can be really fun in this case. I agree with you I like the new shooting mechanics but the player movements are still pretty poor.

2.) 15 Oct 2016
15 Oct 2016 21:10:22
How did you find it after the latest update Dilakh2?

They've patched the AI possession, so that they will directly attack through-out the game unless it's the closing stages and they're winning. So you no longer get games where you spend 70minutes of your game chasing the defenders around.

3.) 16 Oct 2016
16 Oct 2016 01:52:30
Still the same problems with movement, with your cdm running up for no damn reason. My play style is counter anyway so i'll try see how it meshes with the new update. I wish they put more emphasis on different play style rather than try force the AI to play like barca every game.

4.) 16 Oct 2016
16 Oct 2016 18:29:33
i play FUT mainly and the occasional pro clubs with mates.

alot has changed, and for the first time, I did not win all the titles from division 10 to 3 in the first try going to division 1. hell I just recently managed to get into division 2 once I managed to get better players.

momentum (regardless of what EA say) still exist imo and it is even more noticable when the competitive mode in FUT (weekend league) is fine, it is the only mode in the game where I do not see momentum, and games that I've lost, I've been beaten by better players.

now I struggled initially until I got into the changes. with player movements tweaked, the strongest method to play is arguably possession and just waiting for your players to make the right run forward.

i have not played any offline modes against AIs, just not my thing. no matter how good u are online, AI will never be the same as online mode. AIs read the game too good imo, not something u face in online modes.

5.) 17 Oct 2016
17 Oct 2016 18:21:15
It seems I'm not the only one having issue's with player movement, that's good as I was beginning to think I was just terrible at the game xD

6.) 23 Oct 2016
23 Oct 2016 03:29:53
i finally got into division 1 with ovvy's (youtuber) 433(4) formation and custom tactics. attacking mindset + team pressing, and once I get 2 goal lead ill park the bus and try to score on a counter.

in the past I've always played balanced all the way bt its so easy to concede that I have to choose not to concede rather than score more after 2.

7.) 31 Oct 2016
31 Oct 2016 14:42:07
Ive not really hit it as previous years but the FUT has got me again. Probably stuck in around 35 quid for points. But I have had major success in the squad builders. I keep all the useless gold players and trade them in for the two rare player packs you receive. These are non tradeable but I've ended up with Ibra, Rooney, Mahrez and Alderweirld in mine.

My biggest gripe with the game is switching player. It seems a nightmare. I normally use the analogue stick but it takes me 2 or three attempts to get the right man.