02 Oct 2016 15:25:41
I've been looking forward to Mafia III for months now and there's only 5 days to go! With that out this month and Watchdogs 2 in November I thought those 2 would do me for a wee while but I was like a kid at Christmas when I found out yesterday that they are releasing Assassins Creed: The Ezio Collection on November 18th - I didn't even know they were working on this.
'The Ezio Collection will include all 3 games: Assassin's Creed II, Brotherhood, and Revelations, as well as all single-player DLC and 4 short films which delve into Ezio's back story and his final days.'
Doesn't that just sound absolutely wonderful? :=D I know Ed001 isn't a fan but AC is by far my favourite series of games ever and I can't wait for this to come out. My Mrs has actually been sent into town in a taxi to pick me up a copy of AC:Unity from Argos as I type. I must have missed that one during my falling out of love with the PS3 and falling in love with the PS4.
What's everyone else looking forward to or are you all just delighted FIFA 17s out now?

{Ed001's Note - I have just started playing Fallout 4.}

1.) 02 Oct 2016
02 Oct 2016 15:55:56
Fallout 4's a great game, you'll love it. The dog barking in it used to drive Yoda crazy lol
The Mrs found a pre-owned AC: Unity for £8 so that's a bargain, even though they said on the phone they didn't have any. BTW a word of warning to everyone, I ordered COD: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 from GAME on the 15th September but I didn't notice that BF4 was coming from a third party, a site called GAMESEEK. The COD game arrived two days later but I'm still waiting on the BF4 to arrive. I've been arguing with them everyday about it and their customer service is appalling with their abrupt and cheeky replies and comments - and GAME aren't being very helpful either. I certainly wouldn't recommend using GAMESEEK to anyone.
Talk about pissing me off, that's on top of some rotten **** bumping me out of £10 for James Pond II on the Mega Drive :( Luckily I done it through PayPal and it looks like I'll get my money back, but that's a lesson learnt for me.
I'm sure Beast won't bump me with his N64 ;)

{Ed001's Note - I am going to struggle to really get into Fallout I think, I don't have the time to devote to it to really get into it. I am only playing 5min, then stopping to edit, then doing another 5min and so on. Not really the best way to play with constant interruptions.

I will have to make sure to avoid GAMESEEK, never heard of them before. Good luck getting your money back.}

2.) 02 Oct 2016
02 Oct 2016 18:44:49
Is it easier to play games like civilisation for you then ed001?

{Ed001's Note - yes mate, that is why I love them. I can just take a turn then edit for a bit and go back whenever. They are much more suited to me. Plus I love strategy games anyway, I used to love Panzer General on the PS1. Before that it was the original Civ on the Amiga as well as Premier Manager. Even before that on my old Speccy 48 I used to love strategy turn based games.}

3.) 11 Oct 2016
11 Oct 2016 03:52:46
Ed01 not strategy games but xcom2 and wasteland 2 come close on consoles both turn based tactics.

{Ed001's Note - the first Xcom was a strategy game, I used to like that but it was not at the level of Civ games or FM.}